Sally Rasch

 I'm Sally Rasch, and I'm your librarian. Mrs. De Leon is your library paraprofessional, and my right hand. We want everyone reading, and we put out the welcome mat for students and parents alike.

Five Finger Test
Child's handWe use the five finger test to decide if a book is the right level for a student. How? Students begin reading a page from the book. If they do not know a word they put out a finger. Once they reach the end of the page, they count how many fingers they have up. Depending on the number of fingers, they decide if the book is right for them.

0-1: Enjoy the book. Have Fun!
2: Just right. Enjoy!
3: Challenging… but try it, you’ll like it.
4: Very Challenging. Read with a partner.
5: Too hard. Try again a little later.

 Parent Book Check
Asian FamilyWe love parents to check out reading materials for their students. In addition, we have parent backpacks that contain literature and activities in English and Spanish, and backpacks in English with Carbo recorded CDs of the books.

Our Schedule
studentWe are open during school hours and operate on a flexible schedule. Students may return books and check out new ones on their assigned day, or whenever their teachers allow! Reading Counts is a valued teaching tool at Carroll, and the books with Reading Counts tests available are marked with blue dots.